7 Pillars For the Spiritual Leader

To grow as a leader, functioning in any capacity, it is helpful to know how you define your leadership philosophy. If someone was to ask you, “What is leadership to you?”, would you have an answer that’s in unison with your daily approach to life, people and projects? I believe the ability to focus is […]

7 Pillars For the Spiritual Leader

The Truth About Truth

We live in a time where widespread agreement and consensus seems impossible for any issue or topic of debate. To say that we’re merely divided by politics and religion is an over-simplification of the landscape. Not only are there a multitude of philosophical differences, but, in most dialogue we cannot even agree on the facts. […]

the truth about truth

12 Thoughts On A Winning Attitude

If you want to become a stronger leader in a small group, church ministry, business or organization it’s essential to have a “Winning Attitude.” I can grow your small group, ministry, business or organization by boosting your attitude. As John Maxwell says, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” With that in mind, let’s take-off with 12 […]

Winning Attitude