What Makes You Powerful?

What makes you powerful? You can have different answers to that question depending on who you ask. If you ask your carnal man, he will tell you that position, possessions and social status will make you powerful. If you ask Jesus, He’ll tell you something different… In Acts 1:4-8 Jesus was trying to teach the […]

What Makes You Powerful?

It was an amazing week at the Holy Spirit Conference at the International Church of Las Vegas! It was filled with powerful worship, anointed preaching, old and new friends and a fun time of equipping leaders and pastors for small group ministry.

Check out the highlight video for a taste of the experience. If you’re someone who enjoys looking at your friends’ photos when they come back from a trip, you can see more photos on the SGC Flickr page by clicking here. I was blessed to have my friend, Derek Olson, with me as a partner-in-crime all week too (He’s in the video, especially the last part).

12 Thoughts On A Winning Attitude

If you want to become a stronger leader in a small group, church ministry, business or organization it’s essential to have a “Winning Attitude.” I can grow your small group, ministry, business or organization by boosting your attitude. As John Maxwell says, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” With that in mind, let’s take-off with 12 […]

Winning Attitude