5 Reasons To Get Faith For Your City

Do you desire to see God transform your city? Do you personally want to have an active role in seeing that transformation happen? Would you like a spiritual boost in your daily walk with Jesus too?

Faith For Your City 21 Day Bible Challenge

If you answered “yes” to those questions above then I’d like to recommend to you the Faith For Your City 21 Day Bible Challenge by Jesus Culture. The devotional consists of four elements: A focal point scripture, a short and powerful devotional thought, a guided prayer and then the entire chapter of the focal point scripture. Jesus Culture developed the reading plan in partnership with the American Bible Society.

I just finished the 21 Day plan and thoroughly enjoyed it. Did I mention it’s FREE?

There were 5 benefits I received from it…

1. Focusing on My City – Each day I was focused on interceding for my city. I regularly pray for my city but having a devotional that is reinforcing that value only adds fuel to the fire. I believe that many believers would gain much by setting consistent time aside to pray and intercede for their region.

2. God’s Heart For My City – It’s so easy to see what’s wrong with my city, but that perspective will only hold me back from seeing what God wants to do in my city. The scriptures and devotional thoughts really sharpened me to see my city through Jesus’ eyes.

3. Enlarging My Vision For My City – God is pleased by faith (Hebrews 11:6). This 21 day plan will challenge you to stretch your vision and increase your expectation for what God can do in your city.

4. Aligning Myself With God’s Strategy For My City – God wants to reveal to you His strategy to impact your city through your life! As you meditate on God’s Word and pray, God is faithful to speak to you about your assignment for this season of your life.

5. Stepping Out To Impact My City – As I took time each night with the devotional I began to receive new ideas from the Holy Spirit to take action on. I’ve already shared those ideas with neighbors and we are in the process of implementing them too!

I decided to have daily notifications texted to me. There are four ways to sign up for the 21 Day Challenge:

In conclusion, this is from the Jesus Culture website:

God wants cities and nations to be saturated in His presence, and we invite you to join us as we encounter what the Bible has to say about city transformation.

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