What’s Your Realm of Possibility?

Reinhard Bonnke says, “It is not the size of your faith but the size of the God you believe in that determines the size of the results.”¹ What is your revelation of God’s power? How does that revelation define your realm of possibility?

Realm of possibility

After a man, lame from his mother’s womb, was supernaturally healed, the Apostle Peter said in Acts 3:16, “…the faith which comes through Him has given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all.” I was reading this and the words perfect soundness leaped off the page at me. In the original Greek perfect soundness is actually one word: holoklēria.

This testimony of God’s power and this one Greek word confronts the type of human reasoning that can limit the release of God’s power in our life. It unveils 3 types of miracles that are within Jesus’ realm of possibility…

1. Miracles of Total Resolution – Holoklēria means “of an unimpaired condition of the body, in which all its members are healthy and fit for use.” This man’s body, which was divinely healed, was brought back to flawless working order. In fact, Acts 3:8 says he was, “…walking, leaping, and praising God!” It doesn’t say he was stumbling, weak-kneed and walking with a limp.

Jesus had completely eradicated his diminished physical condition. It wasn’t a partial miracle, it was a complete manifestation of God’s glory resulting in an absence of any infirmity.

2. Miracles That Defy Genetics – This man’s crippled condition was all he ever knew before Jesus healed him. The Bible says he was lame from his mother’s womb (Acts 3:2). Wisdom of this world would tell us that his destiny was determined at birth. Maybe it was a medical coincidence or maybe it was inherit from his mom or dad.

Fortunately for him, none of those conclusions were more powerful than the One who Peter referred to as, “…the Prince of life (Acts 3:15).”

3. Creative Miracles – In one sense this man was restored. He was restored back to God’s original intention that existed before original sin. In another sense, this man was not restored because all he ever knew was incapacitation and poverty.

This was a creative miracle. Bones that were permanently feeble were suddenly made strong. Muscles, joints and ligaments that never operated sufficiently, or possibly never existed, were spontaneously generated and working in perfect alignment.

Look within yourself and ask yourself, “Is there is an area of my life where faith in Jesus isn’t flowing to right now? Is there a situation or condition where I struggle to believe for perfect soundness?”

Hebrews 13:8 reminds us that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Read the story of Acts 3:1-16 and let it define Christ’s realm of possibility in your life today.

¹Reinhard Bonnke, Faith: The Link With God’s Power, (England: Sovereign World Int’l: 1999) 344.

 CC Image • Patrick Ashley on Flickr

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