Son of God Movie Review

The Son of God movie is a welcomed edition to the collection of films that bring the stories of the Bible to life. My wife and I went to see it yesterday on premiere night. Our theater was packed for the 5:40pm showing and as we were walking out people were already lining up for the next one.

Son of God Movie Review

A gentlemen who was obviously there to see a different film asked a security guard, “What are all those people lined up for?” The security guard answered, “The Son of God movie.” He replied in shock, “What’s wrong with people?” LOL! I could say more on that, but I’ll just leave it there.

Like other Bible movies, the experience has a totally different orientation compared to sitting in a “normal” movie because the content is so significant and completely contrasting with what Hollywood typically offers us (It was actually humorously awkward getting there a little early and watching the “pre-preview” ads for TV shows about sexual affairs, murder and violence, but hey, what else can you really expect).

I highly recommend the movie as it was well done and stayed true to the message of the scriptures in it’s essence. Of course there were a few subtle diversions in the script such as a small handful of scenes that aren’t in the Bible. They were added either from historical record or for movie purposes of developing characters and plot elements. Again though, there was no creative element in there that I found offensive as a believer.

Here are three qualities that stood out to me as I watched it:

1. The Message was Delivered Well. This is the first time Jesus has been back on the big screen in over ten years since The Passion by Mel Gibson. I was blown away by The Passion and I loved it. There is a distinction between the Son of God and The Passion though. The Passion arrested your attention with its realism of Jesus’ suffering and crucifixion. It wasn’t a bad thing, but you were gripped the whole time by graphic visuals being pushed right up in your face.

The Son of God movie was a different pace altogether in that you were really able to process what Jesus was all about. I felt you got to experience His mission and convictions more and that gave this film a powerful imprint of it’s own.

2. The Movie Is Professionally Done. I always get nervous with Christian media promoted within the church because there has been so much “amateur” content produced over the years. From it’s inception though, The Son of God has had some heavy hitters behind it. The producer, Mark Burnett, has also produced TV hits like The Apprentice, Shark Tank and more recently, The Bible series on the History Channel and showed his Emmy award winning talent here. The soundtrack was composed in part by Hans Zimmer, who’s also composed scores such as Gladiator, Batman Begins and the Lion King and won Academy awards as well. Even CeeLo Green threw down a rendition of “Mary Did You Know” for the credits.

An unbeliever may not agree with my following statement, but I didn’t feel there were any “cheeseball” moments in the movie. The actor who played Jesus, Diogo Morgado, did a good job at not being “over the top” in his interpretation. One of my favorite parts was when he sneakily (is that a word?) condemns Herod’s temple while smiling and teasing a little girl (you gotta see it to appreciate it).

3. Inspiring to See the Gospel Come To Life. As a student of the Bible who reads, writes and talks about it, it sure is fun to have it visually in front of you with surround sound. Seeing Jesus walk on water, raise Lazarus from the dead and walk in His resurrected state were all engaging moments. I don’t know why I loved such a super-simple thing, but the holy hand was awesome (I won’t ruin it for you)!

If you’re looking for a wholesome event that’s worth your time and money, head to a theater and check out The Son of God

Have you already seen the movie? What did you think? Leave your thoughts below…

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    4 thoughts on “Son of God Movie Review

    1. Andrew:
      THANK YOU for your awesome critique of the film. Knowing the scriptures and the “way” the four gospel differ in fine points. I went home and looked again into (especially) the resurrection of Christ. I understand of the four gospels, the script writing team tried to stay close to the gospel of John. In John during the first morning of the resurrection (even though) the other gospels talks of “the women” and “other women” with Mary; John’s writes the dialogue is mainly between Jesus and Mary. Also: The fact that a women was part of the disciple group (simple put); it showed that “Mary” was a representative of all women ….in the way it was portrayed. We who follow and serve in combat, we who follow and have many hats in community and home and church life.

      When I was about 7 years old my brothers and sister were going to see a new life of Christ movie (1950). I do not remember anything about the script or if it was in sequence. I did NOT at that age read the Bible; but I will NEVER forget that I was being introduce to the person of JESUS CHRIST and I will NEVER forget hearing my mother say “I want YOU to see this movie with your brothers and sisters.” WHAT did it matter to me “if” the story line was changed; I was getting to SEE JESUS !! ~ A few years later, HE comes to my mom at a mid-night hour in our home (after local medial world told her there was NO more home for her physical condition) ….and JESUS healed her completely and saved her !!! That is what I will NEVER forget !!! ~