A Powerful Day with Sean Smith

This past weekend at Thrive Church we had the distinct privilege and honor of receiving from the ministry of Evangelist Sean Smith of Pointblank International. For more than a decade Sean has been one of my favorites as a preacher and has influenced my life heavily through his books, resources and personal interactions.

Sean Smith

Sean ministered in our Sunday morning services as well as a special Sunday night service. Throughout the day we saw over 40 decisions for Christ! In our Sunday night meeting we saw many people touched and healed by Jesus! One man who had lost his hearing was healed as he received prayer at the altar!

There were several themes Sean touched on throughout the day that left a deep impression on me. All of them reinforced Sean’s primary call and message to see revival in our nation.

The following is not a summary of the day, but rather a small sample of many notes that I took as I listened to Sean:

God is declaring war on comfort-zones and excuse-making.

Bored believers cause trouble in churches instead of causing trouble for the enemy.

Comfort-zones and excuses are not your friend.

Comfort-zone Christians never fulfill their destiny.

Movements are not perpetuated by critics.

When you’ve been in the wilderness a long time you can begin to downsize your dream.

God wants to make you a burning bush for the world to see.

The world isn’t impressed that you got on fire for Christ, it’s impressed when you STAY on fire for Christ.

Movements are started by spiritual bravery.

Sean’s passion for Jesus and seeing revival in our nation is infectious and provoking. I found myself repenting and asking God for a deeper spiritual hunger, devotion and faith in my own life. By the end of the day my spirit was renewed and refreshed, not to mention, our church was lifted and ignited for the cause of Christ!

I highly recommend all of Sean’s resources for your spiritual growth and development (I can do that because I’ve listened to, read or attended the live events of all of his “stuff”). I especially recommend his newest book, I Am Your Sign, which is what I would simply describe as A Revivalist’s Manifesto!

In conclusion, I’ll share one last powerful quote that Sean passed on to us:

A holy man is an awful weapon in the hands of God. – Robert Murray M’Cheyne

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